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California is the home of one of the oldest kart tracks in the United States. It makes perfect sense that Southern California is Vintage Karting's birthplace.

Kart tracks like Willow Springs, Bakersfield Kart Track and most important of all Adams Kart Track is where it all started and is now the home of vintage kart racers in honor of the best kart racing of all time. Adams track has international recognition bringing some of the best drivers from all over the world to participate in this historic racing sport.

"Keep it Real, Say no to replicas" - Mike, Speed Parts Co.

Kart engineers shaped racing with new and innovative ideas, many of which hailed as the latest thing by the modern manufactures; the 1959 Progress Kart used a hollow axle and one kart in particular used technology only recently discovered in Formula 1. Mike's passion for high performance started as a kid growing up around cars, engines and high performance racing in the Southern California. 

As a young man, Mike became the parts manager at Ed Pink Racing Engines, later promoted to general manager. Mike quickly built his career in the industry and went on to work as sales manager of JE Pistons, new business development manager at DENSO (formally NIPPON DENSO Co. Ltd.). He worked closely with piston designers and engineers for Formula1, Nascar, Top Fuel, Cosswoth DFX and many custom 2-cycle pistons. Mike applies this knowledge in all Speed Parts designs and engineering to outperform everything on the market.



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